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Bulk Ceramic Non-Inductive Resistors

When traditional resistors just won't do for your tough design problem, Kanthal Globar bulk ceramic non-inductive resistors offer the solution. We offer a full line of rugged, reliable bulk ceramic resistors - including custom designs - to meet the high voltage, high energy energy requirements of the most demanding applications.

Kanthal Globar Bulk Ceramic Non-Inductive ResistorsKey Applications

  • Capacitor Charge Resistor
  • Capacitor Discharge Resistor
  • Snubber Resistors
  • In-Rush Current Limit Resistor
  • Soft Start Resistor
  • High Power Resistor
  • High Voltage Resistor
  • Dynamic Braking Resistor
  • RF Dummy Load Resistor
  • Test Load Resistors
  • Inverter Resistors
  • Rectifier Resistors
  • Power Converter Resistors
  • Transformer Protection Resistors
  • Harmonic Filter Resistor
  • Chopper Resistor
  • Carbon Comp Replacement Resistor
  • Pulse Wave Form Load Resistor
  • Relay Protection Resistors


Soft Start / Current Limit
Dynamic Braking
Tube Arc Protection
Capacitor Bank Discharge
Dummy Load
Wave Form Load
Inverter / Rectifier Designs
Broadcast Equipment
Welding Equipment
Power Conditioning
X-Ray / Cat Scan Equipment
Defibrillator / Patient
conductor Deposition
Relays / Circuit
RF Power Generators / Metal Forming / Induction Heating
Laser Power Supplies
High Voltage Power Supplies
Transient Suppressor / Gas Tube
Pulse Test Equipment

The advantages of non-inductive bulk ceramic resistors

Bulk ceramic resistors from Kanthal Globar are superior to non-inductive wire wound, film and composition resistors for your demanding design situations involving high voltage, current or energy. Features include:

  • High reliability; no film or wire to fail
  • Able to withstand short-time overloads and high peak power
  • Chemically inert and thermally stable
  • Available in flexible geometries and a wide range of sizes - from 1/2 watt to a 1,000 watts in a single component
  • High power and energy dissipation in space saving designs
  • Simple construction allows for uniform energy absorption throughout the resistor body, enabling a highly reliable resistive characteristic


Kanthal Globar Bulk Ceramic Non-Inductive Resistors


Bulk Resistor Concept
  • Metal terminations
  • Bulk resistive material
  • Conductive particles
  • Inert matrix

A full line to meet your needs. Whether your problem involves RF dummy loads, high energy pulse work, circuit protection or other high stress applications, Kanthal Globar has a cost-effective solution to meet your needs. Our full product line consists of three basic bulk ceramic materials.


Type AS Resistors

Able to absorb high energy at high voltage while remaining non-inductive.

Ideal for:

  • Capacitor charge and discharge resistors
  • Capacitor crowbar resistors
  • Impulse resistors voltage generator resistors
  • Pulse-forming network resistors
  • Voltage snubber resistors
  • High voltage power supply resistors
  • Laser imaging equipment resistor


Type SP Resistors

Provide great non-inductive power handling capacity - at frequencies into the GHz range. The unrivaled in applications such as:

  • High power high/frequency resistors
  • Snubber resistors
  • Current limiting resistors
  • Current sensing resistors
  • Parasitic suppression resistors
  • Harmonic filter resistors


Type A Resistors

Non-inductive capability, power dissipation and energy absorption at high voltage when high resistance is required. Applications include:

  • Capacitor charge and discharge resistors
  • Bleeder resistors
  • High voltage power supplies